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Nothing quite says “romance” like an old fashioned four poster bed, they conjure up images of kings and queens and days of yore. Few of us have the kind of property that can handle a four poster but when looking for a romantic getaway how often are we attracted to the grand hotel fitted out with them? If you are looking to recreate the same effect in your own home then a canopy bed would be a more manageable option.

The purpose of this site is to point you in the right direction and flag up a few considerations when looking for new bedroom furniture. There are plenty of options to consider and you really can create the effect you are looking for if you just take the time to consider your budget, the amount of room in your property, the kind of decor you have or would like to create and finally the practicalities of the way you live and the make up and tastes of you and your family.

canopy-bedCanopy beds have become a popular option for those looking to recreate that grandeur without taking up too much room or buying something that just looks completely odd in a modern house. In fact what you are often getting is quite a light weight frame which you can embellish with some clever canopy bedding.

On this site I would like to introduce you to the different options available, from simple iron frames to kids canopy beds. There really is a huge selection of options available from the darn right gauche and ugly through to the elegant and sophisticated and I will attempt to bring you some of the better options.

And sometimes it isn’t necessary to go the whole hog and invest in a full frame, you could choose to look for some tasteful bed canopies on their own and find a way of attaching them to the ceiling. Rooms with low ceilings will probably not suit a full size canopy frame, but improvising with some beautiful light weight material can achieve a similar effect.

In fact if you’re just searching for canopies for beds or canopy curtains then why not look instead for some pretty fabrics from which you can make your own version. It really isn’t that difficult and has the advantage of really opening up the possibilities in terms of materials available. You’re much more likely to find a piece of fabric that matches perfectly with your existing interior designs then finding something that is pre-made.

Again if you’re looking for a girls bed canopy, why not consider taking your daughter with you to a haberdashers and letting her choose the fabrics with you. Let’s face it, as an adult you might want to make a big statement with a four poster bed canopy but your partner may find it all a bit “girly”. Your daughter on the other hand has no such concerns and can be indulged to her hearts content. And be honest you will enjoy it too!

Where do you live? Do you reside in a location with a mostly cold climate or is it blisteringly hot most of the year? Ultimately these beds have an enclosed feeling to them and whether you want to feel snug and warm in your bed, or light and breezy, these considerations will dictate what styles and models you go for.

So regardless of whether you would prefer a do it yourself canopy bed option or plan to splash out and buy a ready-made frame with all the whistles and bells then this is the place to start your search and all the options available here are easy to buy online. I’m a big fan of Amazon, who isn’t, and they offer a great selection of products. Whatever kind of bed canopy you’re looking for I hope you find it here. Read on and start to create your ideal bedroom environment.

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White & Green Chiffon Furbelow Princess Bed Canopy By SID

Whipping up the perfect princess themed room is every girl’s dream. But then again, you gotta consider factors like space, availability of fixtures and furnishing, and not to mention budget! My daughter wanted a “princess room” so bad, that she was even willing to forego her 7th birthday party just to get that princess room […]

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Kids Bed Canopy DIY Tips

Finding the right sized canopy bed for a child can be quite a challenge since these types of beds are typically made to the standard size for an adult. Well, there are some manufacturers who have canopy beds for kids. But there are only a very few manufacturers who offer them; like Kidkraft who has […]

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Your Different Canopy Bed Frame Options

Generally, canopy bed frames are made to support the mattress and the people who occupy the bed. Thus, canopy bed frames need to be strong to be able to support the bed’s foundation. Unlike back in the days where the only option for a canopy bed frame is hardwood, today, you now have a variety […]

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Why Buy a Metal Canopy Bed?

Canopy beds are a timeless favorite. In early times, these beds were typically made out of hardwood, and they are intricately carved. But nowadays, although there is still a market demand for hardwood canopy beds, it is the metal canopy bed that’s stealing the spotlight. Why do people buy a metal canopy bed anyways? Why […]

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South Sea Rattan Legacy Canopy Bed

Generally speaking, one big advantage you’ll have if you get a rattan-made bed is coolness. Rattan-woven furniture give you that unexplainable one of a kind ventilation. Not only that, they are also very strong and very durable. To top it off, they are very easy to maintain and they can be used both indoors and […]

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All About Wood Canopy Beds

The Innovation of Classic Wood Canopy Beds Canopy beds are a timeless classic, and since they were introduced in Europe, these superb beds are usually made in hardwood. But as the years have passed, canopy beds have also evolved. Apart from hardwood, these beds are now available in iron, metal, rattan, and many other materials. […]

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Natural Tranquility Cedar Log-Style Wooden Queen Canopy Bed Frame

I’m a simple kind of gal with simple needs. Clearly, this log-style wooden queen canopy bed frame reflects my personality. I don’t want any fancy decor when in comes to my bed. After all, what really matters at the end is comfort which is why this bed is just a perfect for me. The frame […]

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5 Queen Canopy Bed Ideas

Canopy beds are meant to make you feel like a VIP or someone who’s from royalty. But with the wide variety of queen canopy bed designs and styles to choose from, which queen canopy bed should you choose? Standard Canopy Bed The standard canopy bed comes with the typical four-post canopy bed frame that supports […]

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Pique Crib Canopy – Color White

You’re never too young to start sleeping under a canopy. Here’s a great little review, sent in by Marlene, about canopies for your crib. After my little Stacy and I got home from the hospital, I just can’t get enough of her. I always make sure that she gets the best of everything — from […]

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5 King Canopy Bed and Bed Canopy Ideas

Choose from a selection of differently styled king canopy beds. Materials, shipping and price are the main considerations.

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The Best Selling Bed Canopy for Girls

Choose from five of the best selling and best priced bed canopies. A beautiful bed canopy for girls will finish your daughters room off to perfection.

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White Twin Princess Bed Frame & Canopy with Canopy Fabric Set

The following is a review from  good friend of mine, Cathy, who recently bought a canopy bed for her daughter. Thank you for the review Cathy. My little girl kept telling me that she wanted a “princess room.” On her seventh birthday, we granted her wish — we had her old room re-designed to fit […]

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Palencia California King Size Canopy Bed

This King canopy bed is great! Not only is it elegant, but it is also very durable. I just adore the details on it. It almost feels and looks like an authentic Southern European antique piece. I like how the headboard was nicely done; especially the elegance and luxury feel it gives off in general. […]

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The Modern Canopy Bed: A Blend of Tradition of Innovation

The Two Types of Modern Canopy Beds Canopy beds are timeless; they’re an old time favorite. These days, canopy beds usually fit into two categories — traditional and contemporary. Traditional Canopy Beds Typical traditional canopy beds usually have a Victorian feel. They’re either made of metal rod frames, or carved wood posts and frames. Their […]

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Disney Princess Canopy Bed Review

When I look at this Disney princess bed canopy I don’t know whether to say “wow” or “ouch”! Do you think when Disney were designing it they came to the conclusion that little girls like pink? I’m torn! A review of the Disney Princess canopy bed for toddlers Judging from my experience with my two […]

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Choosing the Best Canopy Bed Curtains for You

How will canopy bed curtains help you? Browsing through the many home décor magazines, you will no doubt get a lot of inspiration for decorating your bedroom. But whilst inspiration is great, it can be a bit daunting to imagine redecorating your entire bedroom suite, not to mention costly. Investing in one or two key […]

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How to Find an Iron Canopy Bed

Finding the right iron canopy bed to suit your home and your budget is by no means straight forward. Personally I tend, on the whole, to steer clear of metal canopy beds simply because the cheaper versions look cheap and the beautiful designs tend to be antiques or handcrafted and cost the earth. If you […]

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How to Choose Canopy Bedding

Whether you’re planning the new addition of a bed to your house, either for yourself and your partner or your children, then there is still one important part of the jig-saw puzzle to complete. Remember that the bed frame and even the cover won’t create much of a pleasing effect just on their own, equally […]

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Kids Canopy Beds and Canopies

If you don’t have the room for an adult canopy bed, or if it’s just not your style, after all they are quite a big statement, then don’t deny your children the magic and romance. Nothing quite says “princess” to a young girl than a childrens canopy bed and there are plenty of kids canopy […]

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In Sync with a Canopy Bedroom Set

OK, for some of you, those of you with the budget and the space, it’s well worth considering a canopy bedroom set. Essentially you’re buying a complete look for your bedroom, not just the canopy beds but all the bedroom furniture to go with it to make a real statement in your bedroom. Complementary furniture […]

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Pretty Bed Canopies

Let’s get one thing straight, you don’t need to go all the way to the expense of a complete canopy bed set. Of course if your searching for a particular look then you can opt to buy the bed, frame and canopy cover all in one and if you have the money and the space […]

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