Canopy Bed | How to Find an Iron Canopy Bed

How to Find an Iron Canopy Bed

Finding the right iron canopy bed to suit your home and your budget is by no means straight forward. Personally I tend, on the whole, to steer clear of metal canopy beds simply because the cheaper versions look cheap and the beautiful designs tend to be antiques or handcrafted and cost the earth. If you have an enormous budget then by all means look into purchasing a wrought iron canopy bed. I would advise you start your search in one of two places.

If you live in a major city then the chances are you will have a few major auction houses to choose from and they may well throw up the odd canopy bed or two, this is where the better quality antique furniture for sale tends to end up. Of course there are plenty of smaller auction houses dealing with lots of house clearances and these are definitely worth a visit too.

If you’re impatient like me and can’t wait for the right piece of furniture to turn up at auction then your next option is to search online, or in upmarket interior magazines, for bespoke furniture makers. There are still quite a few craft smiths creating beautifully designed furniture, including iron canopy beds, both in a retro/antique style or in a more modern/contemporary style. The canopy bed is a design of European origin so don’t be surprised if some of these bespoke suppliers are based abroad. These types of pieces will be beautifully made and will really add something special to your home but be aware they will definitely come with a hefty price tag.

If your budget can’t stretch to something as extravagant as the above then you will have to shop clever. There are cheap wrought iron canopy beds on the market but many of them look pretty ugly which really defeats the purpose of having this style of be in the first place. Keep your eyes open for mass manufactured beds that have a bit of design style to them.

canopy-bedI found this iron canopy bed on Amazon and I think it has some nice features. The iron work is delicate rather than clunky and, I think, the iron balls atop each corner are a nice touch. If this bed was carefully decorated with some tasteful canopy bedding the it could really work.

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